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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Thoughts as we speak....

Mmmm... slept late(ish). Woke up and saw Ben 10 on the tv. I miss my family. Just pre a mad tune fi a riddim weh mi hear D1 play on him keyboard... wonda if mi like it! Why is it so hot already? Its not even 9:30am yet... Just got a call from one more artiste coming to drop off files for his Cosa Nostra song... (reminds me of Bellyas back in the day). Waiting on an email from a producer... need that TV Track for tour. Have more songs to mix but I dont know where to start... why do some artiste voice more tracks than the riddim itself? This aint R&B... Its original drum and bass dancehall! Keep it simple dudes! The majority of the world dont understand what you are saying anyway.
Need some food... ...LEFT OVERS!
Wonda if mi waa build deh riddim deh weh D demo pon him cd... piano...mmm...mi like it.
Later yaa, if mi nuh do sumn now then time ago run off pon mi.... PEACE!

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