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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Just Char..

What's up people?! Lemme introduce myself for a minute.

I've been a Ward21 Fan for 10 years, and how time flies when you're having fun!!! I remembered viewing a programme about Jamaican Dancehall back in 2000, and saw Ward21 and Wayne Marshall voicing 'Blood Stain' in the King Jammys studio, and I thought to myself, WHO ARE THESE GUYS!?! They're WICKED! (Yes, old school english description haha!!)

Instant connect!! As I listened more and more to Ward21, I knew firstly, THEY WERE MENTALLY DISTURBED(Pun intended!) and they were the exact injection of humour, versatility and style Dancehall needed. I could listen to the tracks for hours... I remember building the first Ward21 Website, I was so proud! LOL.

Well, 10 years later, everything remains pretty much the same. I have come to realise the greatest thing about these guys are not only talent, but their MODESTY. It does wonders for keeping fans loyal in my opinion. Having come to know the members over the years has been a pleasure, and although I'm not always as up to date as I once was (Three pickney and ting = Time consumed!) my dedication is the same.

Naturally, when the beautiful TNT ladies came on the scene, I was excited to see how the Ward21 Production was going to move these ladies forward, and it's been exciting to see their growth over such a short period of time! Lasty, D1, the newest member of the Bada Bada Gang, I look forward to seeing and hearing more from him!

Well, after that long ting post, that's just my background. On this blog, I hope to deliver some occasional humour, any Europe or UK specific updates, some thought provoking topics, pics and what not. So stay tuned people!!

Char. x

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Thoughts as we speak....

Mmmm... slept late(ish). Woke up and saw Ben 10 on the tv. I miss my family. Just pre a mad tune fi a riddim weh mi hear D1 play on him keyboard... wonda if mi like it! Why is it so hot already? Its not even 9:30am yet... Just got a call from one more artiste coming to drop off files for his Cosa Nostra song... (reminds me of Bellyas back in the day). Waiting on an email from a producer... need that TV Track for tour. Have more songs to mix but I dont know where to start... why do some artiste voice more tracks than the riddim itself? This aint R&B... Its original drum and bass dancehall! Keep it simple dudes! The majority of the world dont understand what you are saying anyway.
Need some food... ...LEFT OVERS!
Wonda if mi waa build deh riddim deh weh D demo pon him cd... piano...mmm...mi like it.
Later yaa, if mi nuh do sumn now then time ago run off pon mi.... PEACE!

Monday, April 26, 2010

D1 in Tha Buildin !!!!

Ariiiiiite PPL....Its Ya Boii D1...im still kinda new to this blog thing so please tek time wit mi lol...umm,by now ya'll kno im the newest addition to the HOTTEST squad in the game "Bada Bada Gang" and i come to bring it..i mean REALLY bring it stay tuned tho....mi soon show unuh what i mean....Yuh zimiii !!!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Welcome the newest member of the gang!!! D1!!! Very good artiste with the maddest flow mixing hip hop and dancehall like fukin kool aid on a hot day! Good yute... follow him on twitter @DeeWUNN
Check his song on the Cosa Nostra called 'Talk Bout Dat' ...Maaaad!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I'm here!!!

Yay!! My 1st blog entry!! Anyways - jus a get used to di ting - it looks like it's gonna be mad fun tho...Mi can come traumatize unuh wid my daily happenings #veryeventful 

See u sooon!!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

What Started It All - Do You Remember This?

Bada Bada Riddim was the first Hit riddim from Ward 21 and Haters was their first Hit Song...Went on to stay 10 weeks at the top in the UK breaking the record then held by Bounty Killer's "Anytime".

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Since the 'Cosa Nostra' came out a few weeks now, I've never listened to so many demos from artistes in my life. Not even during our time at Jammy's when Bada Bada was #1 riddim with atleast 3 songs in the top ten have I heard so many artistes sending demos with a song on the riddim. Bless up to the people that dig the riddim. Hopefully we can mek it shot out to a much greater success! God willing...

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Timberlee - "the general" Cosa Nostra Riddim

A bad few days....

So, 2 days ago I was mixing a song. Everything working fine and sounding good. I took a break to watch some tv and clear mi ears and my mind. I came back to find that one side of my headphones for some mysterious reason just gave up and stopped working. WHAT THE FUCK! I WAS JUST MIXING! IT WAS JUST OK! It was always handled with care mainly because studio headsets cost too damn much. Oh well... mixing is a bit impaired now but I can handle it until I get a new set.

The following day, Man United got ousted from the UEFA Champions League... on the away goal rule...
Even tho United won the match, the opposition had 1 more away goals than the reds. Now those who know me well will know that I'm a diehard United supporter. Ever since the age of 7 I have loved this club (and thats way before the successful years with Sir Alex as manager). No plastic or conditional fan here. Oh well, you win some you lose some. I can deal with it, especially since United played really well and did not dissappoint the expectations of the fans.

Today, I drove to New Kingston then back home to get some work done. I agreed to vacuum the car so why not do it before i get caged into my work... 30 mins later....
The inside of the car is spic and span but now the car wont start. WHAT THE FUCK! THATS A BRAND NEW BATTERY! ONE VACUUM? REALLY?
Got the jumper cables out now so a friend of mine can help me out. Then my son has a potty emergency right in this moment so Suku will sort out the jump start for me... ...It starts! YES!
Better check it tho... switch off.... (hold breath)... switch on.... YES!
Went back to do more work then back to check it a few hours later when I was done working.
not even a click.... WHAT THE...(you get the idea by now...)
I cant believe the brand new battery is dead! smh! Not even a spark when I touch the terminals.
Oh well, more unplanned expenses but I'll deal with it.
For the last 3 days or more, life has been testing me and my family. We all go through rough times and I'm no different from the next man...




(To the greater glory of God)

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Top Ten Charts in the UK

The Heatwave Chart - March 2010

Mr Lexx's amazing vocal on Ward 21's Cosa Nostra riddim is the biggest tune around right now.
But our top tracks from February hold on to the next two places. Plus huge new tunes from the likes of Lady Chann, Vybz Kartel, Serocee, Sean Paul and Tifa.
  1. Mr Lexx - Dem A Pree (Cosa Nostra Riddim)
  2. Gyptian - Hold Yuh
  3. Busy Signal - Jafrican Ting / Bare Gal (Jafrican Riddim)
  4. Lady Chann - Sticky Situation (Sticky Remix)
  5. Vybz Kartel - Turn & Wine (DNA Riddim)
  6. Rage - Outa Jail (Shell Dung Riddim)
  7. Rihanna & Assassin - Rude Boy (Remix)
  8. Serocee - Badeng
  9. Sean Paul / Vybz Kartel - Fire Brigade / Oh Deh Gal (Gala Riddim)
  10. Tifa - Rock Me So (Fyah Wyah Riddim)

Review from TheHeatWave.co.uk

Mr Lexx & Ward 21 - Dem A Pree (Cosa Nostra Riddim)

Ward 21's Cosa Nostra is the hottest rhythm track in dancehall right now. It's your new best friend: it will make you want to dance but it will also make you want to break something.

Riddims like this - and vocals like Mr Lexx's Dem A Pree - are why we love dancehall so much.

Lexx's repitched and cut up vocals on the intro build things nicely for his deep voiced delivery on the opening verse. Add the familiar shouts ("hey!") and a chest-rattling bassline and you get a sum that equals MAD.

The other vocal cuts are good too. Ward 21, Timberlee, Natalie Storm, Tifa, Assassin aka Agent Sasco and Point O all deliver versions that get big forwards.

In case you're wondering why it's called Cosa Nostra, Ward 21's Kunley explains it on the new Bada Bada Gang blog.

Compliments of The HeatWave Out of the United Kingdom

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


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Enter the LOOK PON ME remix contest!!!

Hey Lovies,

Mixpak Records is having a remix contest for my song with Sticky "look Pon Me".
Any dj/producer from any genre can enter...It's all abt putting ur spin on d song.
For more details and to download d acapella check d link below. Good luck to all who enter and thanks for all the support!!