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D1 (Dee One) | Bada Bada Gang's Newest Member

“Destroying everything everywhere” as his latest mix tape elucidates, metaphorically describes the impact the rising Jamaican rapper D1 (Dee One) is having on listeners on the local and international scene. The exotic blend of hardcore hip hop interchangeably infused with the Jamaican patois/ DJ style and his unique agile flow continues to captivate the minds of his listeners. This new genre of “Yardcore” hip hop/dancehall (as the artiste calls it) is widely acknowledged by those who come across his music in both the dancehall and hip hop world. His lyrics are strategically listening to legendary hip hop artistes such as Fat boys, LL Cool J, Slick Rick, Run DMC all and more of which he states ‘shaped and developed hip hop in its realest form’, which  inspired his interest in the genre.

He grew further interest in the art when he listened veteran rappers and rap group of the nineties which included his favorites, Bone-Thugs and Harmony and the likes of Tupac Shakur. While only jokingly rapping one or few lines, his friend since St. Jago Preparatory School, Wallen “Hutchy” Hutchinson encouraged him to write short rap verses. By the time he was in college, D1was a member of a rap group who along with his colleagues hosted street rap battles, attending every battle showing off his quick flows which he attributed to Bone-Thugs n Harmony) and witty punch lines which made him a favorite among his peers. These characteristics earned him recognition later when he was introduced to Big Beast from “Da Colony” or “Holokast” at the time (Rap group who many today would say are the godfathers of Hip Hop in Jamaica). After realizing D1’s talent and potential, a very impressed Beast later introduced him to the rest of the Colony known today as “13th Tribe”, a renowned rap group based in Spanish Town - Kgn 6 And as such, D1 developed his rap skills and gained experience even more whilst among the members of 13th Tribe.

For many, the ideal career for D1 was to venture into medicine but for him it was solely music. Being the adamant and focused artiste he is, D1 took his career into his own hands producing his smash singles which have been ‘making waves’ in Jamaica right now. Popular singles recorded by the artiste are “Paparazzi”, “Pay 4 it”, “Go hard”, “Shake that” and the latest “I got this” and “Tequila, Vodka, Henney” which have received numerous airplay on local and international radio stations. D1’s singles are frequently rotated on Zip and Fame fm. D1 has released three mixtapes “Truthfully Speaking”, “Me and Mine” and the latest “Destroying Everything Everywhere” over a two year period which have gotten heavy downloads on internet downloads and mixtape sites. His popularity grew in 2009 when he did an advertisement for the “below zero’ party which was exhausted on local TV stations such as Television Jamaica and CVM TV. D1 also did an advertisement for Pitbull energy drink which has gotten numerous plays on radio stations mainly in the Western parts of Jamaica.

D1 displays consistent dedication to his music and possesses good work ethics, his witty personality, his fashion forwardness, his swagger and signature hairstyle depicts his overall image and attitude. The upcoming artiste possesses much versatility and is passionate about his musical career and sees himself excelling to greater heights in the near future. At this time the artiste has improved his craft and is looking forward to work with individuals or entities within the music industry. The artiste is unsigned but is looking to venture out in full effect this year. The artiste is currently working on a number of singles to be released soon. This is a prospective year for the artiste .D1 is on the rise!!

His Own Words, "Stuff i like to do : Chillin wit family esp my 4 yr old son Damone Jr....Love basket ball....yup (use tuh be heavy shooter back then too) havent been playin alot lately tho lol...Love the cartoons "Family Guy" & "Robot Chicken" lol...apart frm all that is just music oh and remember to mention that i dont write dwn rhymes too lol (i spit strait out mi head) lol.."