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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Just Char..

What's up people?! Lemme introduce myself for a minute.

I've been a Ward21 Fan for 10 years, and how time flies when you're having fun!!! I remembered viewing a programme about Jamaican Dancehall back in 2000, and saw Ward21 and Wayne Marshall voicing 'Blood Stain' in the King Jammys studio, and I thought to myself, WHO ARE THESE GUYS!?! They're WICKED! (Yes, old school english description haha!!)

Instant connect!! As I listened more and more to Ward21, I knew firstly, THEY WERE MENTALLY DISTURBED(Pun intended!) and they were the exact injection of humour, versatility and style Dancehall needed. I could listen to the tracks for hours... I remember building the first Ward21 Website, I was so proud! LOL.

Well, 10 years later, everything remains pretty much the same. I have come to realise the greatest thing about these guys are not only talent, but their MODESTY. It does wonders for keeping fans loyal in my opinion. Having come to know the members over the years has been a pleasure, and although I'm not always as up to date as I once was (Three pickney and ting = Time consumed!) my dedication is the same.

Naturally, when the beautiful TNT ladies came on the scene, I was excited to see how the Ward21 Production was going to move these ladies forward, and it's been exciting to see their growth over such a short period of time! Lasty, D1, the newest member of the Bada Bada Gang, I look forward to seeing and hearing more from him!

Well, after that long ting post, that's just my background. On this blog, I hope to deliver some occasional humour, any Europe or UK specific updates, some thought provoking topics, pics and what not. So stay tuned people!!

Char. x

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