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Friday, March 19, 2010

The Name?

Someone asked me today how I came about naming the latest riddim 'Cosa Nostra'. Well, when I made the track I named it 'maffia' to save it on my pc. I chose maffia because I'm a big fan of maffia/mob movies and stories and I had watched 'Donnie Brasco' recently (for the millionth time). The movie was still fresh in my memory so I just went with maffia. The riddim was ignored for a few months by me until I was searching for a riddim to write 'The General' (Timberlee's song) to. I had the idea for the song and no riddim so I searched my database and there it was - maffia! After dusting it off and tweaking it a little, a few friends heard it and thought it was a sick instrumental and suggested we use it as a jugglin. I agreed. I had to give it a better name than 'maffia' tho... that name was only to save the file. I finally decided on 'Cosa Nostra' a few days later after watching some History Channel and seeing a program about Charles 'Lucky' Luciano, 'The Commision' and the Italian cosa nostra. I immidiately changed the name from 'maffia' to 'Cosa Nostra', played it for Tifa and she voiced 'Reject' which was the first song recorded on it. Thats how 'Cosa Nostra' was born...



  1. Love it!! Although Maffia hot too! :) Must check out Donnie Brasco if it's so hot!! LOL.

    Char. x

  2. love it! but the link is broken, will u fix it?

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