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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

3:42 AM

3:42 AM, building a mad riddim. Dancehall can nice still! To think, I almost started to not care after hearing so much wannabe hip hop coming from local producers claiming its dancehall... SMFH! Big up the King Jammy's camp for the real dancehall schooling. Naah leggo we roots...
Dudes, save some a dem riddim deh fi singles and special projects, IMO... When last a dancehall riddim run fi all a year or two? Memba Showtime, Bruk Out, Bada Bada, Bellyas, Diwali, Good 2 Go? Big up ppl like Skatta, Ballaz, Liv Up, Jam 2 and a few more weh mi cyaa think of ya now (3:52 AM, duh!), atleast dem still a do it the authentic way! Nick@Nite to mi ting then some z's... l8r

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