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Friday, June 4, 2010

Wazzapniiin World ???

Ok sooo ive been a lil quiet since my last post...its cause ive been cooking up this crazzy New MIXTAPE im about to hit ya'll with its called "Lungz On Fyaah" i realy wanted to take the time out to put together sumn Solid for ya'll to blaze all summer long !!! Trust mi Unuh aguh love it...this one has more Firey traxxxx with songs for the ladies like "Things Dat i Like" already blazing on zip 103 fm and The BANGER " I Got This" Feat mi big bredda Kunley (di man Kill it) lol...soo all in all what im sayin iz "Mek Sure Unuh Speakers Can Manage Cause This Iz A Banger Frm Start To Finish".....and mi naah just seh dat lol.....Stay tuned tho,ima keep Ya'll posted.....Yuh Zimmii !!!

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