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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

So... Another Successful Tour Is Complete!!!

Yes people... whew! 3 weeks of hectic travelling, crazy shows and mad studio vibes has come to a successful close. Before I go any further I must first say special thanks to Adam Lukas (@bassrunnermusic) and Mean Dog for organizing such a great and smooth running experience. Also, special shouts to all the people that came out and the ones we met or linked with along the way. Every single show was a smash and every single day was hard work. I wish some people could experience it and put a rest the 'bed of roses' notion. 3 months of a 9 to 5 could never compare to 3 weeks on tour... believe me, I've done them both. I'm home 4 days now and my eyes are still bloodshot, mainly from lack of sleep (I miss white eyes...lol). Special mention goes out to: Rome - for having the craziest crowd (DAMN!), Napoli - for real dancehall enthusiasm, Amsterdam - for having the old school DJing behind soundsystem vibe, Slovenia - for the unexpected mad party(crazy fun crowd), Sweden - for the love they showed us and Helsinki, Finland for the great passion for the music and the sense of history we share. All the other stops were excellent but the pre-mentioned ones really stood out to me. We've been touring Europe for 10 years now religiously but we've never done one like this... 3 straight shows to start it off, then 2 days off... then something like 12 shows in a row. Normally, we do maybe 4 or 5 then a day off or two with that pattern repeating through out the tour. Hard work I tell ya. Big respect to the producers we came across on this trip also. I think we recorded like 4 tracks while on the road (if my memory is correct). Big up Million Styles inna Sweden fi the link up weh long overdue. Respect to Gabriel, Dan, Serocee and the rest of the crew from England that came over to Amsterdam for the link up also long overdue. Too many names to name... Bless up all. Now, I'm back home with my family and I'm going back to sleep. LATER!!!!!!!!!!!! big up Char and Kali ;^) BADA BADA GANG 2 D WORLD!


  1. waiting to see pics and videos etc...

  2. Big big up from Suspect outa Slovenia !!!!
    Nice to having meet you and having you in our country!!!!

    Ward 21 to di world !!!!!!!!!!

  3. Hey Suspect, thanks for the pics! Will post them ASAP. Glad you had a good time with the Mad Family!!

    One love. x

  4. Big ups tuh the MAD-FAMILY....Been hearing guud thingz bout u guys frm ur last tour (serious shyyt) dweeeeet and done yaa man lol....hey BLESS UP Char :o)