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Monday, May 10, 2010

Why Oneil?

Why Oneil? For who didnt know, Oneil from Voicemail got shot 5 times lastnight. He hasnt died and is in stable condition in the hospital. A prayer gathering was organised by the entertainment fraternity this mornning in Half Way Tree Square headed by Mr Vegas. Our prayers go out to Oneil, his family and Craig and Kevin of Voicemail. WHAT THE FUCK DID ONEIL EVER DO TO ANYBODY? A THE MOST HUMBLE YUTE. ALL HIM DO A LOVE MUSIC AND HIM WORK AND DEM DO THIS TO HIM! DUTTY BADMIND UNU FI GO SUCK UNU MUMMA NOW!!!
NOW!!! Big up Voicemail! Dem establish dem self firmly in the dancehall story! GOD BLESS ONEIL!

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