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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Update on the Bada Bada Gang members!

Hey all, I hope you're all well. I'd like to bring you a combination of updates from the Gang, so lets see how we go!


As Kunley stated below, the tour is in full swing! Follow Kunley and Suku on Twitter for recent tour pics! If any fans have pics from the tour they'd like to share, please email them to angelsdilemma@gmail.com

Check this blog post for the remaining tour dates and venues.


The premiere for the Video of the hot tune 'Certified Diva' by Tifa and Tami Chynn will be taking place tonight at the Quadnight club! Show your support!


Read an in depth article about the latest Bada Bada Gang member, D1 here provided by 876 radio.com

For the latest news on Timberlee and Natalie Storm , please click on their names and follow them on Twitter!

Suku photo provided courtesy of http://www.seen-site.com


  1. Dweet mi dupes! Char, you shoulda live a Jamaica star. Need you on the team...mmmm...mad!